City Approves Funding For City Island’s New Replacement Bridge Much to The Discontent Of Clamdiggers and Musselsuckers Alike.

1. A resident of City Island who was born on the island.

1. A resident of City Island not born on the island.

City Island, New York City’s slice of a New England fishing village in the Bronx just received news that the city will fund the $100 million+ bridge it desperately needs to replace the over 100 year old one currently serving the needs of its about 5,000 residents and its thousands of yearly visitors to its many restaurants and cultural locations.

While most would rejoice in getting a much needed bridge, local residents (known as Clamdiggers and Musselsuckers) are not too happy and the reason is the design.

Proposed new City Island bridge.

Although aesthetically pleasing to the eye, particularly its sleek futuristic design, it is not what you would think appropriate for an old, 327 year old fishing village filled with Victorian homes, cape cods and bungalows on the Long Island Sound and Eastchester Bay.

Why is the city insistent on not listening to the community? The community has largely voiced their displeasure along with the City Island Chamber Civic Association yet the city wants to proceed with it.

Come on clamdiggers and musselsuckers! We wanna know how you feel!

Oh and remember to read the article from the Daily News:

City makes it official: California-based Tutor Perini will build futuristic $102M bridge to City Island

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