‘Ant biodiversity in the Bronx’ wins grand prize in Urban Barcode Project

Courtesy Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Students at Hostos-Lincoln Academy of Melrose win the Grand Prize in a science contest. Not only are the students from the Bronx but they are also from ethnic groups that are underrepresented in the science and technology industry.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, the organization which sponsored the experiment says:

“Kids are hungry for hands-on science and technology experiences and it is the mission of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s DNALC to make genetics accessible to them,” said CSHL President and CEO Dr. Bruce Stillman


The students collected ants from St Mary’s park and proceeded to catalog them based on their DNA barcodes. The resulting data showed a rich biodiversity of the ant population in just one park.

Check out the link for more information and videos about this exciting victory for a South Bronx school.

Congratulations to students Kavita Bhikhi and Hillary Ramirez !


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