BronxMatters Sets The Record Straight On The Upcoming Special Primary For The 13th Congressional District

Image Credit: Courtesy of Clyde Edward Williams, Jr. for Congress

Bronxites! This is a must read for those living in the Northern Bronx in the newly redrawn 13th Congressional District and anyone who’s been following the issue.
Our friends at BronxMatters have written this important piece on major misinformation printed by the New York Times and the New York Post that is highly misleading. Unfortunately, this isn’t something new and we in the Bronx are far too accustomed to such poorly edited pieces when it comes to our borough.
Here’s an excerpt from BronxMatters:

Daily newspapers have an opportunity —and more importantly, a responsibility —to help educate their Bronx readers about an epic change in who will represent them in Congress.

But yesterday, in endorsing Clyde Williams, a former official in the Clinton administration, The New York Times inexplicably listed the south Bronx as the section of the borough in the new district (even while they took pains to list several of the individual Manhattan neighborhoods in C.D. 13).

Be sure to read the post in its entirety since it’s filled with excellent resources! A big thanks to Jordan Moss for always keeping an eye out for Bronxites!

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