(Image: Tina Fineburg/NYTIMES Copyright The New York Times Company 2011)

In a time when politicians across the country, particularly those in Congress and the Senate as of late, are selfishly trying to protect tax cuts for the rich at the cost of social programs for the poor it is refreshing to say the least when one billionaire – who just happens to be the mayor of New York City – donates a large sum of money to assist the biggest at risk population of our city.

One of the key parts, to me at least, is that starting this fall job recruitment offices will be opening up right in New York City Housing Authority buildings, aka the projects.  This is an important message that says we want to help you and traveling to the hardest hit neighborhoods rather than having them travel for such services. Community based social services are the bedrock of any disenfranchised urban area and at a time when many are closing, the mayor, along with fellow billionaire George Soros are putting $60 millions of their own money to help this segment of our population.

I’m curious as to what you think about this?  Your thoughts?

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