Disgust.  That’s pretty much what I felt upon reading that such a person would be hired as a school principal let alone a Catholic school at that.

The bigot in question is Frank Borzellieri, principal of Mount Carmel School in the heart of Little Italy in Belmont.  The school primarily serves the black and latino community and it baffles the mind how the Catholic Church would hire such a scumbag and poor excuse of a human being to serve in such a capacity.

The Daily News quotes the pastor as saying that he’s aware of his writings and beliefs and feels that minorities can benefit from them. 

Well guess what Reverend Rapaglia and Frank Borzellieri? In the Bronx, these so called minorities are the MAJORITY.  The Reverend appears to be a racist pig who is probably bitter at the fact that Belmont is no longer predominantly Italian and instead of embracing our wonderful tapestry of cultures and people they decide to insult them.

These two idiots are the Bronx Schmucks of the Week.

Thanks to the Daily News for this story.
White supremacist principal worries parents

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