Reply to Anonymous on New Charter School Now Accepting Applications – April 1st Deadline

This is addressed to anonymous and anyone who is confused about who Dr. Richard Izquierdo is.  Dr. Richard Izquierdo is NOT  nor has ever been involved in any scandal or wrongdoing. The news search which was posted by anonymous is in reference to Richard Izquierdo Arroyo who is assemblywoman Carmen Arroyo’s nephew and councilwoman Maria Del Carmen Arroyo’s grandson. 

The two are completely unrelated and there is zero connection other than the unfortunate circumstance of bearing the same name.  Whereas Richard Izquierdo Arroyo has been charged with skimming $200,000 from a non-profit charter school, the esteemed Dr. Richard Izquierdo has done nothing but give back to the community and served his community and continues to do so quite actively at age 80.

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