Habitat for Humanity Creates First "Green Roof" in the South Bronx

Habitat for Humanity, an organization dedicated to providing safe, decent and affordable shelter world wide has unveiled the first “green roof” in the South Bronx neighborhood of Longwood.

According to the Daily News article, the green roof is located in the new Fox-Legget Co-op Apartments (715 Fox Street) and is a, “…2,400-square-foot carpet of flowering sedum plants…”. The article goes on to say that it, “…will insulate the building from the summer sun and absorb an inch of rainfall.”

Habitat will construct 12 of the 50 cooperative units at Fox-Legget Co-op Apartments and will be constructed by the home owners themselves through “sweat-equity.” All eyes are on this partnership between Habitat for Humanity and the project’s developer, Blue Sea Development Company, as it is the first project of its kind locally as well as nationally. Who knew the South Bronx would be so lucky as to receive this privilege! Blue Sea Development is no stranger here in Melrose as they developed 30 beautiful three family homes and again they thought outside the box in terms of architecture and what a lower to moderate income neighborhood home should look like.

So a big Melrose thank you to Habitat for Humanity as well as Blue Sea Development for thinking outside the box!

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