Boricua Village and the Rebirth of a Once Blighted Block

What was once one of the most iconic symbols of urban decay in Melrose is now slowly being resuscitated back to life with the creation of Boricua Village. Although the building is not part of the development proper, the old Bronx Courthouse will no longer sit amongst ruins and empty lots as it has been for decades now.

At 4.5 acres it is one of the largest construction projects in not only just Melrose but The Bronx as well. Boricua Village will feature a 14 story vertical campus which will be occupied by Boricua College and will be surrounded by open plazas, trees, an amphitheatre as well as 700 new units for low income and middle income families and approximately 50,000 square feet of retail. According to Atlantic Development Group, the college will be home to 100 full-time faculty, 100 part-time faculty, 140 administrators and staff and estimated that it will generate approximately $15,000,000 in additional revenue for the Melrose area. That’s pretty impressive to have such a large economic engine to be housed in what was once one of the most blighter neighborhoods in The Bronx.
A big Melrose thank you to Boricua College, Atlantic Development Group and all who have the faith in Melrose and our great borough up North who have made this project possible. Oh and be sure to catch the neat marketing video of what Boricua Village should look like upon completion.
Now if only someone could purchase the Old Courthouse and turn it into yet another functioning building we can all be proud of. Hint, Hint!

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  1. This is definitely one of the most exciting developments in the Bronx. What a change from not too long ago! Wow!