In the beginning…

Well I’m finally doing what I’ve had sitting on the back burner for a few years and what my friends have been encouraging me to do for some time. Welcome to the Village of Melrose! It has been long overdue but now all you ever wanted to know about Melrose but were too afraid to ask will be featured here…well maybe not everything but I’ll pass what I know on to you.

This blog is dedicated to the people of Melrose, both living and deceased; to those who stayed through the toughest years of rubble strewn lots, abandoned buildings, drug wars, unbelieveable murder rates and those who fled; to the businesses who stayed in the neighborhood despite the odds and to those who fled; to the politicians who stayed by our side during our darkest hour and those who gave up hope on us.

Here’s to you Melrose! Like the great phoenix (yes I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true) Melrose stood proudly in its beginnings, literally burned to the ground throughout so many of its blocks and now we are rising tall and proud yet again.

So please join me…join US as we show you what Melrose has to offer.
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  1. Lets not forget those native Bronxites like myself that have lived and traveled all over this country only to come back home to the Boogie Down!

  2. Amen to that! Great to see there are people who still come back to The Bronx and call it home!

  3. I am delighted that you are starting this blog. I live in Manhattan, but am still fascinated by the Bronx. I will be looking forward to visiting the blog, and discovering all I can about the neighborhood.